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  • Physiatry


    Physiatry, also known as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, is a medical specialty that specializes in the treatment...

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  • Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral palsy is a medical term used to describe a group of neurological disorders that manifest in infancy...

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  • Rehabilitation Exercises

    Rehabilitation Exercises

    Rehabilitation is a treatment method designed to facilitate recovery after a serious injury, illness or surgery.

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  • Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation

    Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation

    Occupational therapy (OT) is a type of health care that focuses on improving one’s ability to carry out daily activities...

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  • Telemedicine Services

    Telemedicine Services

    Telemedicine is the remote delivery of real-time healthcare services to patients using information and/or telecommunications technology.

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