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Providing virtual and in-office neurorehabilitation consultation to patients, caregivers and physicians for a wide range of neurological disorders.
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Personalized management plan based on the underlying cause and severity of the condition as well as the patient's
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Dr. O'Dell is nationally and internationally recognized for his clinical and research expertise and was awarded the Weill Cornell Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentorship. Read More

Michael O'Dell, M.D. Profile

Professor Emeritus,

Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. O’Dell is nationally and internationally recognized for his expertise in clinical care, education and research in the field of neurological rehabilitation. Dr. O’Dell served as Professor on the faculty of Weill Cornell Medicine in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine from 2001-2022 and is currently Professor Emeritus at that esteemed institution. He has presented and lectured extensively on neurological rehabilitation clinical and research topics throughout the United States and Europe, as well as, South America and Asia. Dr. O’Dell has published nearly 100 scientific articles in the rehabilitation and neurological literature, more than 15 book chapters and was Co-Editor of the First Edition of Cancer Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice published in 2009.

Research & Publications

Dr. O’Dell has published nearly 100 scientific papers and over 15 book chapters and dozens of abstracts, and has delivered professional
presentations throughout the world in the area of neurological rehabilitation.

  • Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery

    O’Dell MW. Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery. (Invited article) Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology. 2023;29:605-627.

  • Clinical Rehabilitation Research

    Eickmeyer S, Larkin E, O’Dell MW, Barbuto S, Mukherjee D. Perspectives on What Makes Clinical Rehabilitation Research Ethical. PM&R 2023;2023:522-530

  • Spasticity Treatment

    Ketchum N, Carda S, O'Dell MW. Satero P, Jacito J, Deltombe T, Francisco GF. Module 4: Optimising Outcomes in Spasticity Treatment. Journal of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 2022;5(S1):S50-S60.

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation

    Campo M, Toglia J, Jaywant A, O'Dell MW. Outcomes of young Individuals with Stroke during Inpatient Rehabilitation.International Journal of Rehabilitation Research 2021;44:314-312

  • Practical Guide to Optimizing

    Francisco GF, Balbert A, Bavikatte G, Bensmail J, Carda S, Deltombe T, Draulans N, Escaldi S, Gross R, Jacinto J, Ketchum N, Molteni F, Moraleda S, O’Dell MW, Reebye R, Säterö P, Verduzco-Gutierrez M, Walker H, Wissel J. A Practical Guide to Optimizing the Benefits...

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    O’Dell MW, MW, Jaywant A, Frantz M, Patel R, Kwong E, Campo M, Taub M, Toglia J. Activity Limitations 6 and 12 Months following Discharge from Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2021;102:645-655.

  • Upper Extremity Motor Recovery

    Dawson J, Liu C, Francisco GF, Cramer SC, Wolf SL, Dixit A, Rusha A, DeMark L, Hochberg L, Arshad M, O’Dell MW, Pierce D, Prudente CN, Redgrave J, Turner DL, Engineer N, Kimberly TJ. Vagal Nerve Stimulation for Upper Extremity Motor Recovery in Stroke: Results from the Pivotal Trial. The Lancet 2021;397:1545-1553.

  • Botulinum Toxin Diffusion

    O’Dell MW, Villanueva M, Creelman C, Telhan G, Nestor J, Hentel KD, Ballon D, Dykes JP. Characterization of Botulinum Toxin Diffusion in the Gastrocnemius Muscle Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. PM&R 2017;9:1225-1235.

Publications Lancet

Among Dr.O'Dell's most recent research is as a collaborator in the assessment of vagus nerve stimulation in a pivotal multicenter trial evaluating its efficacy when paired with rehabilitation for improving upper limb motor function after ischemic stroke. The results were published in The Lancet in 2021.

Publications Award

The most satisfying element of his work, Dr. O'Dell says, is mentorship, for which he was awarded the Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentorship for 2022.

Dean Augustine Choi presents the Weill Cornell Medicine Award of Excellence in Mentorship to Dr. O'Dell.

Dr. O'Dell is nationally and internationally recognized for his clinical and research expertise in the rehabilitation of patients with stroke, multiple
sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, and neurological diseases, which has resulted in extensive private grant funding and nearly 100 peer-reviewed
publications that focus on neurorehabilitation.

Current and Past Academic Affiliations

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