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Neurorehabilitation Consultants – New York City

Neurorehabilitation Consultants – New York City (NRC-NYC) is a unique, small medical enterprise providing neurorehabilitation clinical consultation for patients, neurorehabilitation education and research consultation for industry and academia, and hands-on spasticity management. The clinical services are limited to a very small number of clients with disability or limitations due to neurological disease or injury such as stroke, brain trauma (traumatic brain injury - TBI), multiple sclerosis (MS), neurological tumors, and cerebral palsy, among others. The principal of NRC-NYC is Michael W. O’Dell, M.D., an internationally-known physician in rehabilitation medicine with over 30 years’ experience in academia and clinical care of persons with neurological disabilities. Dr. O’Dell is widely recognized for his clinical expertise in neurorehabilitation and spasticity research, as well as, leadership in medical education, organizational governance and physician mentorship. Click here to see a full biography and CV of Dr. O’Dell Currently an Professor Emeritus of Clinical Rehabilitation at Weill Cornell Medicine on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. O’Dell founded NRC-NYC in 2022 to support three primary activities:

First, to provide clinical consultations – both virtual and face-to-face - for patients (or their family members or physicians) facing the daunting challenge of assessment and management of the physical, cognitive, and behavioral manifestations of brain injury. Although conditions such as stroke, MS and TBI are very common, far more emphasis is generally placed on the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying disease process rather than management of the residual symptoms limiting everyday independence and mobility. As a sub-specialist in neurorehabilitation, Dr. O’Dell explores those symptoms (for example, weakness, pain, muscle stiffness, cognitive deficits, poor joint movement, decreased balance, etc.) limiting everyday activities and which treatments, if any, are available to minimize those symptoms. The goal is to minimize symptoms and identify strategies to improve daily performance and to increase overall quality of life. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT REQUESTING A CLINICAL CONSULTATION

The second goal of NRC-NYC is to provide spasticity management at the patient’s home or office. Spasticity is the debilitating upper and lower extremity muscle stiffness that occurs as a result of neurological disease or injury. Dr. O’Dell uses a performance and goal-oriented approach when assessing the impact of spasticity. Whether virtually or face-to-face, the process involves evaluating the success of a patient’s present and past treatments, discussing current limitations and future goals, and, finally, reviewing potential treatment options. The options to treat spasticity might include referral to rehabilitation therapies (occupational and physical therapy), the use of oral medications, injections of botulinum toxin into specific muscles which are causing limitations, or, in more severe cases, referral to a physician who oversees the use of intrathecal baclofen pumps. Dr. O’Dell will carefully explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option as it related to the patient’s particular situation and answer any question they may have to the best of his ability.

Absolutely unique at NRC-NYC is Dr. O’Dell’s capability to travel to the patient’s home or office for evaluation and treatment of spasticity. In many cases, a patient’s mobility can be severely or completely compromised due to the spasticity itself, or in some cases other manifestations of the underlying neurological disease or injury such as pain, joint contractures, or disorders of consciousness. The only means by which this unique, personalized, at-home treatment can be provided is by rigorously limiting the number of clients served through NRC-NYC. This affords Dr. O’Dell’s the flexibility to provide botulinum toxin injections a few times a year for each patient, if required. This degree of personalized, one-on-one care provided by one of the premier clinicians in the country and thought-leaders in the area of spasticity management and botulinum toxin injection is incomparable. Click Here To Learn More About Requesting An Evaluation For Spasticity Management.

The third activity supported by NRC-NYC is neurorehabilitation research and educational consultation for academia and industry. Dr. O’Dell is ideally positioned to provide input and feedback on ongoing or in-development neurorehabilitation or spasticity research by virtue of:

  • Nearly 100 peer-reviewed, scientific publications (almost all in neurorehabilitation and spasticity)
  • Experience as the principal investigation on 8 industry-sponsored clinical trials (with involvement in study design on some)
  • Success in garnering over $3.25M in industry and philanthropic research funding over the past 12 years, and
  • A distinguished academic career teaching and mentoring rehabilitation medicine faculty, fellows, residents and medical students in research methodology, analysis and manuscript composition

Dr. O'Dell is availble for industry and academic consultation and lectures on a variety of topics related to neurorehabilitation. Please inquire [javascript protected email address] for more detail. 

With clinical consultation, expert spasticity management and neurorehabilitation education research consultation, NeuroRehabilitation Consultants – New York City provides access to a clinician of uncommon experience and researcher of high regard - Michael W. O’Dell, M.D.

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